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Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post
could be in part due to sprint doing network upgrades in your area.

do you notice any delay when sending or receiving SMS messages?

putting the airvana in front of your router is really a waste of bandwidth. you are not gaining anything by that setup and you are causing more harm than good, just FYI.

I hand't thought of the upgrades. They did mention when I got the Airave that they were doing work in the area as well.

Thanks for letting me know about the data usage but, I checked my data usage on Comcast and it is about the same since before I got the Airave. It uses about 15k/hr or 360K/day on standby (no calls or texts being used) and my internet on my computer moves the same as it did before I got the Airave. So, I'm not concerned at all about that. I have never come close to my limit on Comcast for data usage. Also, the call clarity is much better. I tried both ways and made a test call from PA to WA. The clarity was better between the modem and router. (4 computers on network, 2 running Prime95 constantly) The SMS was slower, with a noticeable delay, with it set up attached to the router. With it set up between the modem and router, there is no delay. Overall, for the last month, the Airave only added about 500MB to my data usage with calls and standby. Since the call quality is better (at least for me) and the data usage isn't a problem, I will leave it where it is. (Modem, Airave, Router)

How do I know when my phone or the Airave receives a pushed update?
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