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you will not know if the airvana had received an update. there is nothing to alert one of this. I mean updates to the sprint network that could be causing issues with your service.

putting the airvana in front of your router is not giving you better phone quality vs putting it after the router. the only reason the airvana should be upstream before the router is if you were using VOIP with sprint. Since sprint does not at this time have VOIP service, you are not getting the benefits of QoS the airvana is hogging from your data.

I did not mean to say the unit will cause you to USE more data, it just prioritizes more bandwidth to the airvana and takes some away that you can put to good use downstream.

cellular voice calls, use very little bandwidth to encode, so you can have a gigabit bandwidth stream allocated to the airvana and you will not get any more better voice calls.

also "whitelisting" your number on the sprint page does not do anything, unless they have changed something within the last couple months. early on , especially with the first airave, one could whitelist certain numbers to use with it, but if others around would complain their service (sprint) was poor and sprint found out your unit was in the area, they would remove the whitelist from the equipment. with the second airvana, the whitelist was not reliable-for example, i would put only certain phones on the list, only to come back and see they were removed. but, they could have updated it...

i dont want to take this too far, if you are enjoying your setup the way it is, who am I to argue, I just want you to be aware its not doing anything better for your call quality, since the airvana only uses a certain amount for cellular voice calls but WILL HOG MORE bandwidth and it will sit unused...
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