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Originally Posted by cerealus View Post
I'm in no better shape than you ... but, FWIW, the way I read his instructions, maybe there's an app called "ApnBackupAndRestore" on your phone, after you're finished installing the new ROM?! ... and if ya run it, there's probly a button 'er menu that says "Restore APN" ... and if ya choose that, it'll prompt for a file on your phone?! ... pick the .xml file ... "profit"?!

Outta curiosity, what did ya find to root your phone ... and any good instructions (pic-heavy) for using Odin to flash the CWM?! ... at least, based on what I've read elsewhere, that's what I need to do, before I can "flash" the ROM?!

I've Odin'd ICS to my tablet ... but that was a very simple deal ... just plug it in, hit the "PDA" button and choose the one file ... click "Go" ... reboot ... done! ... no rooting ... no CWM ... very simple!

Not sure why this new ROM is any different?! ... but, it must be?!

I did root my tablet once ... that was fairly simple, to start ... downloaded a .zip right to the phone ... recovery mode let me browse right to it ... and it was somewhat rooted ... but then when I tried to do the rest, it wanted a couple other apps and permissions and what-not! PITA!

Anyhow, if ya found any good links, please lemme know!
Well everything works fine for me but I found a new error with the wifi. when you first turn on the wifi it works 100% but I noticed if you turn off the wifi an try an turn it back on you get an error. it won't even give you the option to change the wifi settings because there is a error. But anyways I guess I can give that a try idk. But I used odine an im using CWM 7 I didnt have a problem with the google play like the others surprisingly which im happy about an everything else works 100% besides the MMS an wifi
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