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Originally Posted by PappaDuck View Post
Funny to see this poll.
What could be interesting too, is how it would look if you split it up by profession.
Think there would be majority in some specific areas?

Also from which phone people are comming from would be interesting; why change to the Note 2? What is the most important specs it has compared to others?

For me age doesn't say that much. It depends on your background, economics, profession etc.
Sounds like a dating service. lol ok, I'll bite.
49 until April
In the healthcare Field working on database programming and Excel data mining.
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Have the current Note 1, getting the Note 2 (hopefully the 32 or higher version)

As for why I'm going for the Note 2, oh please. It makes the Note 1 look like an old Windows Pro phone from eons ago, stylus and all. This new one runs circles around it and basically almost any other device currently on the market now. (Give or take a few minor things). it might not be for everyone, but for me, I know it will be the 99% perfect phone.

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