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Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post

putting the airvana in front of your router is not giving you better phone quality vs putting it after the router. the only reason the airvana should be upstream before the router is if you were using VOIP with sprint. Since sprint does not at this time have VOIP service, you are not getting the benefits of QoS the airvana is hogging from your data.

I did not mean to say the unit will cause you to USE more data, it just prioritizes more bandwidth to the airvana and takes some away that you can put to good use downstream.

cellular voice calls, use very little bandwidth to encode, so you can have a gigabit bandwidth stream allocated to the airvana and you will not get any more better voice calls.

also "whitelisting" your number on the sprint page does not do anything, unless they have changed something within the last couple months. early on , especially with the first airave, one could whitelist certain numbers to use with it, but if others around would complain their service (sprint) was poor and sprint found out your unit was in the area, they would remove the whitelist from the equipment. with the second airvana, the whitelist was not reliable-for example, i would put only certain phones on the list, only to come back and see they were removed. but, they could have updated it...
Ok. However, according to VoIP, Google Voice Make Sprint Most Innovative US Carrier , Sprint introduced VOIP in 2011. I also have a separate number on my account for the Airave. Which is why it's $4 extra per month because I'm being charged government taxes and fees for a 2nd line. Also, in the documentation that comes with the Airave, it states that the Airave should be set up Modem, Airave, Router. The behind the router is an option. "It is not recommended to configure the Airave behind a personal router. Some users may want to use this configuration putting the Airave behind the router. This is possible but may result in stability issues for the Airave and voice quality issues" (Quoted from page 3 of the "Technical and Troubleshooting Guide, Sprint Airave 2.5) Again, I'm not at all worried about the data usage or bandwidth as I fly along just fine and didn't see a difference when I attached the unit. (I'm not trying to argue the point, I just want to make people aware of their options. Whatever you have done seems to work fine for you. )

I was told by the Airave Rep at Sprint that the whitelist is to only allow my phone number access to the Airave. (So other Sprint phones can't use it) I was told that the Airave will "ignore" other numbers attempting to locate a Sprint "tower" and not let them connect. On the plus side, the Airave doesn't really reach beyond the walls in my house anyway.
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