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Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
No, man. It had nothing to do with task managers. During the four days the connection was normal, I did not do anything different to or on my phone which would have affected it (at least, I'm sure I'm not).

I'll try ATM out though. Hopefully, it'll at least make me reboot less often. I only get 20 minutes to an hour or so of a good connection (unless I let the phone sit for ten minutes, which it messes up).


I've also failed to mention, some sites I use do load normally. I assume it has to do with the browser's history or bookmarks, but stuff like Google searches or the Youtube app, for example, are always slow when the connection's bad.
As far as I'm concerned, there really isn't much reason to use ATM, particularly on this phone. If you hold the home button then click Task Manager, you have features to kill tasks. I'm sure ATM is great for some purposes, but so many (including the Android team at Google) have claimed that task managers (including the in-built one) do more harm than good.

My wife's Fascinate developed rebooting problems. She upgraded to the Galaxy S III, and I used her Fascinate for a couple days. Even after a factory reset, the phone rebooted spontaneously at least once, so it is likely a hardware or battery terminal problem.

Anyways, here's how I temporarily fixed the FF1 data and Wi-Fi problem while we wait for a real fix from Samsung and Verizon:
How I (seriously) fixed FF1 data problem! - Stratosphere - RootzWiki
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