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Originally Posted by nemesys06 View Post
They haven't released anything much on Sprint. The lg rumor my wife had was garbage. But we used to have T-Mobile and i rocked with the g2x (optimus 2x). Nice that it ran stock android, but had lg's camera software. They released an update, took away the nice camera app and left us with a garbage camera without any zoom or any choice of resolution. Couldn't record 1080p video anymore either. Plus it had signal issues, and the Wi-Fi on it sucked. But instead of moving the device forward with the updates, they moved it backwards by taking away features. Horrible decisions, ruined any hopes of me getting their devices. I won't say forever, as i still have nightmares about the Samsung behold 2, and i swear by the galaxy series. I may get an lg device in the future, but an irreplaceable battery and no micro sd slot is definitely not going to do it. They just can't seem to make a top tier device without making ridiculously stupid decisions
Ok, I wouldn't necessarily categorize either of those in the top tier of devices, so the true test would be now with their releasing the intuition and the optimus g.

Any of these OEM's have a chance to make a 180 turn, much like Samsung did. For a while, Samsung's reputation was not great, so I think it's fair to say that LG offering a top tier phone, could turn things around just the same. The hardest part for them, realistically, would be convincing others to choose their superphone over htc, Samsung, and eve Motorola... But, it can't be said that the specs on the optimus g don't compete because they actually exceed many of the current superphones.
Love the G-Note series!
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