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Originally Posted by nemesys06 View Post
I believe they could turn it around, but it doesn't start with devices that have no removable batteries or sd card slots imo. That is something we stopped expecting years ago
Very true. What's funny is, the OEM's come up with such tired justifications on why many of them went non-removable. The funniest excuse is when they say, "it was made a non-removable battery to add a bigger battery, while keeping the device thin."

Then, you have OEM's like Motorola creating the Mopho Q with a non-removable battery that's the same size as its predecessor, when they already had the technology to have a thin non-removable battery almost twice the size.

HTC's justification on the LTEvo was thinness and people not being that concerned about battey life... Lol... Their researchers are asking the wrong consumers.

Regarding the move away from microsd slots, i think there are 2 big reasons for that. 1) not wanting to pay Microsoft license fees for micro sd slot patent (just found that out recently that microsoft owns that tech) and 2) push for people to rely on the cloud for storage (this always makes me LOL...i can't see the cloud replacing hard files for a long time)
Love the G-Note series!
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