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I'm 50, this will be my 4th smartphone in 5 years.

First smartphone I got was the Palm Treo in 2007. Kept that for a year then got the 2nd gen iPhone 3G. I almost got an Android phone but decided against it as the iPhone was the best smartphone on the market at the time.

Kept that for 2 years and then got the 4th gen iPhone 4. Now two years later, Android devices have surpassed iPhone tech by about a year, so it makes so much more sense to switch now.

Why am I getting a GN2 instead of some other Android device? Very simple, and it has nothing to do with age or my failing eyesight (that's what prescription lenses are for). It's quite simply because of what I use the device for.

GPS, email, texting, banking, video (YouTube , Netflix etc), still camera, video camera, some word processing , browsing the net, ebooks. It's a bloody pc with a phone!! All these requirements need a bigger screen - that's why I'm getting the GN2.
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