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If i get Windows 8, i will get a Pro/X86 tablet to replace my laptop. Probably the Surface.

I often find myself using a note pad + pen, and often looking at just the monitor. Since i use a laptop, the keyboard is always in the way, and i cant move it. If i use a tablet, i can use a full sized keyboard and slide it out of the way when needed, and let the tablet sit on a stand. Plus the real keyboard is much more convenient and efficient to use than this laptop keyboard.

I usually have multiple windows open at once. Switching through windows on desktop mode, minimizing windows, resizing, etc by touching with my finger will be a hassle. Since i wont have a keyboard hooked up while im in bed, on the couch, or any other non-table place, i will not be able to use hotkeys to control the UI. I see myself struggling with the tablet in desktop mode.

These W8 tablets supposedly have slow processors compared to laptops on the market, and compared to the one i use now. That means it will be slower, and i probably wont be able to play the games i play now. Even if it does run the game, playing a X86 game on a tablet will be impossible without a mouse and keyboard.

I like the thought of using a tablet for everything i want to do, but it seems like the jack-of-all-trades. W8 tablet "can" run games, use X86 programs, etc. But it will not be efficient. And the W8 tablet specs will never even compete with a laptop/desktop specs.

So i can play games and work on desktop mode while its on the table with a mouse and keyboard. And i can use the "Metro UI" while im in bed or on the toilet. Im better off keeping my Windows 7 laptop the way it is, as a "productive" device, and use an Android or iPad for my mobile media consumption.

I honestly cant see Windows 8 succeeding when a Desktop or Laptop with Windows 7 + an Android/iPad can handle productivity + media flawlessly.

I used to view Microsoft as a huge skyscraper with a lot of lights on at night, with a big grass yard around the building, controlling the whole world with their software. My view changed to "Some bald guy that is trying too hard to impress consumers with something he thinks we want, in some shack on the outskirt of town." I like(d) Microsoft. I really hope they create a world-changing device/OS.
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