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my apologies,when i answered yesterday i did quickly,without much thot to what weve done prior... the threads tend to get mixed up in my head

after skimming back thru things,i realize we havent made any references to PD98IMG or instructed you to download one of those types of files,so its natural for you to be a lil confused.

just to make sure were on the same page,you are going to try flashing this ruu,wich is a slightly higher main version than yours:
RUU_Ace_Gingerbread_S_KT_KR_2.52.1010.2_Radio_12.5 9.60.26_26.11.04.21_M_release_201461_signed.exe - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload.


the .exe file cannot be run from the sd card,and it cannot be renamed PD98IMG

you may have had trouble getting the .exe to work if the phone was not in the correct mode. boot to hboot,then select fastboot from the hboot menu. once the phone is in fastboot,run the .exe as administrator if your version of windows permits that. make sure the gold card is in the phone.

i am downloading the file now,but you can get a .zip file much quicker than i can download and re-upload in the following manner,if you cannot get the .exe to run:
-run the .exe utility
-check the "i understand" box and move to the next screen
-now,just hide the utility out of the way,temporarily. search the c drive of your pc for "". this may take a few minutes if you have alot of stuff on that drive.
-the pc should find in a temporary location(it will be different every time you run the .exe). move or copy from this location to somewhere safe on the PC.
-you can now drag the utility back into view and cancel its operation.

*rename to PD98IMG and follow rals directions to put it on the root of the sd.

a word on naming: the phone must see windows likes to add and hide the file extension,so if your renameing with windonws,its usually correct to rename to "PD98IMG". manually adding the file extension results in the file name of "",wich will be invisible to the phone

there are only 2 reasons that the phone will not find a proper PD98IMG on the root of your SD:
1)not named correctly
2)sd card not formatted FAT32
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