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Question Bringing this over from Black Plague thread...

Hi all,
I'm bringing this over from the BP thread since its really not BP related anymore. MrB206, BlueRacer90 and mickeydurden have been great help so far and I'm happy to see them here, as well.

I flashed BP with Plague kernel and experienced serious battery drain. So I flashed Broken Out 3.0 and it is a lot more conservative but could be more so, I think. I have given Location access to very few apps, I manually adjust my screen brightness, Most apps are not constantly refreshing in the background. I'm underclocked using smartassV2 and deadline IO. I'm not streaming videos or music (my a-Pad is for that) but I do browse quite often and have a few games that I play but not often. I use wifi whenever possible, but that seems to have a small issue, too.

Yesterday evening I had to charge up and then let it sit all night unplugged just to see what I got (screenshot 1). A little while later, the battery had dropped again (screenshot 2).

Battery life could be better from what I've been reading in the threads. What else can I do?
Screenshot 1:
2012-10-15 06.58.55.jpg
Screenshot 2:
2012-10-15 07.52.05.jpg

Wifi has also been spotty, I can be right in front of my router and still get timeouts. I have the main wifi in my office in the basement and a range extender on the first floor so there is a solid signal throughout the house. I can be right in front of either with my phone and still not get a steady full signal. My tablet gets full or almost full throughout the house. Is there a wifi update that I am missing?

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