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Default Help me to be sure that my phone is truly dead.

Originally Posted by PJ147 View Post
If a note is my hard bricked then the service centre won't be able to tell why and will replace under warranty anyway
I apologize for resurrecting this thread from the dead, But your view is unusual.It's one I want to make sure I follow because I am sending my phone back for repair and I want to make sure it's infinitely bricked. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to break it, if I can fix it I would. But upon resetting my SGH-I777 After it froze it said something about encryption stopped, and then the Phone going first second and then turned blackscreened. No reboot commands from the cheese combinations wono I cannot get it into any of the movements that would even allow me to go into ODIN and load in software. When you turn it on without anything new battery symbol even appears, Nothing, zilch.

Anything else I can try to make sure this is truly dead?

The only reason I say this is because I did have Custom firmware on there. It's better if it's really bricked because then I also know that certain information cannot be/will not be accessed. So it protects me from being told that my phone cannot be exchanged, and it protects my data that I don't want access. So help me insure my phone is dead, or help me bring it back to life.

I've tried all the key combinations, New batteries, Without batteries, What's out sim card, sd card, In each of these combos we're made sense I did the key combinations. Connect to a computer. Computer did not recognize it.


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