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Originally Posted by Fuzzy13 View Post
Bad business because they have not gave a specific date? Really? Samsung is the one first off that told metro they need to carry the phone so it's safe to say that Samsung would be the one that decides the time frame it can be released.

For the other people crying.
I just don't understand the point in getting mad cause a specific date hasn't been given. What if they came out and said the phone is coming out the 31st? Well, nothing changes.,lol. Your not going to get it any quicker. Your still gonna go to the store and get just like if the announced the release date the same day it comes out.

If they posted up right now that the phone is available, are you still
Going to bitch? No. Your going to lose your mind in excitement and run to the closest metro sore to buy it. Then you're going to play with our all day and not even think twice about being "mad" cause they didnt give a specific date for y'all to plan your seemingly busy lives around. Your going to praise metro for being an amazing company that just released the current top phone and Bragg to all your friends that are on contracts. I mean seriously little kids get mad about stuff like this, although I'm beginning to think twice on what's on the other side of some of these user names.

So everyone needs to quit crying like little girls that didn't get a Barbie for Christmas, and go back to being a productive member of society instead of clicking refresh on the metro site.

December 21st can't get here soon enough. (
You obviously didn't thoroughly read my post, because I clearly stated that METROPCS EMPLOYEES ARE GIVING DATES! genius. We're supposed to chill out and relax and be patient when the company itself was obviously impatient in rolling out a product launch that was rushed, ill-prepared and unorganized. I am by no means an Apple fan but one would be stupid not to respect their marketing. Before a product launch Apple says nothing! All of the press releases and blogs are going off of pure speculation, but when they finally do a press meeting, the first thing they give is a DATE. That date is always very close because they're demographic is people who can drop hundreds of dollars on cue. MMetroPCS does not share this demographic. The date should be much further out for a customer base that wants to get the most bang for their buck. Saying October and waiting until the 31st to drop the product is ridiculous. People on here who can leak info have to be careful because "they're watching", well if they're watching all of these customers get frustrated shouldn't they at least issue a statement? If anything it should be the company telling us to relax NOT YOU! We have a right to be angry at this sham of a launch. Go look at the FB page, you're telling me we're ALL incorrect for complaining? ALL OF US are crybabies? Well if we are, then MetroPCS should start catering to us crybabies because we are holding a TON of money and all we want to do is give it to them. Gtfoh with your comments, as a business owner, I'm familiar with how customer relations should be handled, and THIS IS NOT IT.
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