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Default Bloatware

Originally Posted by Mugatu View Post
I've been having the same problem. Its super frustrating, goes from 85% to 0% in the middle of an operation. I plug it in, it'll say like "50% charging" I guess its time for a new battery, will update when I find out
Mugatu and others,

Metro bloatware is to blame. I got only 2 hour out of the native phone with all bloatware installed.

I had to:
  1. "Root" the phone,
  2. Install both Super Task Killer and System Tuner,
  3. Kill tasks (in SU Task Killer) one by one to see which had the battery drain (viewing results in System Tuner),
  4. Un-install in System Tuner,
Results 14 hours of battery life.

Oh you will have to redo this every 60-90 days as "updates" will re-install both bloatware from Metro and Google Suite crap (just as bad as the bloatware) and knock out your battery again.

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