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Originally Posted by MrRoyalOak View Post
You obviously didn't thoroughly read my post, because I clearly stated that METROPCS EMPLOYEES ARE GIVING DATES! genius. We're supposed to chill out and relax and be patient when the company itself was obviously impatient in rolling out a product launch that was rushed, ill-prepared and unorganized. I am by no means an Apple fan but one would be stupid not to respect their marketing. Before a product launch Apple says nothing! All of the press releases and blogs are going off of pure speculation, but when they finally do a press meeting, the first thing they give is a DATE. That date is always very close because they're demographic is people who can drop hundreds of dollars on cue. MMetroPCS does not share this demographic. The date should be much further out for a customer base that wants to get the most bang for their buck. Saying October and waiting until the 31st to drop the product is ridiculous. People on here who can leak info have to be careful because "they're watching", well if they're watching all of these customers get frustrated shouldn't they at least issue a statement? If anything it should be the company telling us to relax NOT YOU! We have a right to be angry at this sham of a launch. Go look at the FB page, you're telling me we're ALL incorrect for complaining? ALL OF US are crybabies? Well if we are, then MetroPCS should start catering to us crybabies because we are holding a TON of money and all we want to do is give it to them. Gtfoh with your comments, as a business owner, I'm familiar with how customer relations should be handled, and THIS IS NOT IT.
First, i would quote what i actually said instead of removing half of my text. You might want to read my ACTUAL post. Regardless, I'm not here to argue with people on how metro sucks and how awful employees are when you can walk away at any time.

Plus, it's nothing new that metro doesn't give release dates so no since inn crying about it now. Also, anyone that's been a metro customer for any period of time can say how much metro employees suck so believing them falls back on the person gullible enough to take what they say as the truth.

It's a phone and a company lied. Is it worth being "infuriated"? Doubtful

One last thing, I'm sure there is a bunch of people with a fistful of cash that are just so mad at the world and life but you know what? Each and every single one of them are still going to buy the phone. Then all that whining and crying will turn into cheers and praise for how great metro is.
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