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Originally Posted by Fuzzy13 View Post
First, i would quote what i actually said instead of removing half of my text. You might want to read my ACTUAL post. Regardless, I'm not here to argue with people on how metro sucks and how awful employees are when you can walk away at any time.

Plus, it's nothing new that metro doesn't give release dates so no since inn crying about it now. Also, anyone that's been a metro customer for any period of time can say how much metro employees suck so believing them falls back on the person gullible enough to take what they say as the truth.

It's a phone and a company lied. Is it worth being "infuriated"? Doubtful
All I'm saying is that, with the way these flagship releases are handled, people have a right to be upset. And those who are shouldn't be referred to in a condescending manner as crybabies or needing to chill out. No my world is not going to end because of how Metro handles PR, and yes I understand that I can leave whenever I like. I shouldn't have to go elsewhere and either pay more or sacrifice LTE. I just think our voices should be heard and they should change some of their practices. That's all.
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