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Originally Posted by jackroo View Post
Question about rooting...

I'm new to rooting and I had a serious problem last week that resulted in me having to get a new phone (thankfully Verizon just gave me a new one for free)

I rooted my Verizon S3 using my Mac. I found the correct program but I can't recall the name. All I know is that it DID work and I downloaded a root checker app that confirmed I was indeed rooted. I downloaded Liquidsmooth ROM and then proceeded to put the phone in download mode. It rebooted but then acted weird. It just showed the Liquidsmooth loop for a few minutes before shutting off.
I took it into Verizon and thankfully the guy was familiar with rooting and was able to fix it. I got home but realized that my browser didn't work! So I went back and they encouraged me to unroot it and send it back to Verizon so I can get a refurbished model. Desperately wanting my phone back to normal I went to the program I used to root it and selected "unroot". However it ended up bricking my phone. Like I said I am new to rooting and I would like to get the basic concepts down so I don't screw up my phone. Are there any basics I can remember to help me with rooting? I'm currently unrooted since I don't want to mess up my phone because I don't think Verizon would give me another chance. Thanks for any help or advice!
Did they give you a new phone or a refurbished one? If it's older than 14 days, their policy (per contract) is to provide a refurbished one, which may wind up having its own problems.

I don't know of any Odin for mac but I'm not a mac guy; Metfanant is but I haven't seen him around lately. I would think dual-booting with Windows would be a good idea rather than using some homegrown hack.

If your phone can go into download mode, it isn't bricked. Your best bet is to connect it to Odin and flash a stock [rooted] ROM and verify everything works (before you proceed to break it again). Method 2 walks you through it (the fixing part, not the breaking part).
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