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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
Yeah, I'd like them to take a step back, look at the overall industry and hold out their next superphone (after the butterfly j) following a similar model that Samsung took (one phone that will sell big worldwide).

And you know me...any phone with a kickstand has to come into consideration (no cases for me)!
They can't win. The One X has fewer problems, better power efficiency, an equal or better camera, better radios and a laughably better screen than the SGS3. Give it 2 GB ram, an SD card and removable battery and Samsung would still outsell them.

Put out a better model after Samsung and right after the honeymoon, the blogosphere will still proclaim Samsung the winner and proceed to badmouth HTC.

In the past, htc has had a supplier consistency problem. I think that there were something like 8 Evo versions and 2 3vo versions. People get one of the off versions, hate it and thereafter think that HTC needs to change their designs, and never get the experience that those of us getting the mainline version got.

They design well, but Google and Apple are teaching them to build in a little bit of customer dissatisfaction to drive the next model.

Anyway, I submit that whatever the SGS4 will be, if you take two, change the logo on one to HTC and send both out to the professional reviewers out there, they'll declare the Sammy the clear winner.

Lol sorry I guess I got off on a rant!
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