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Originally Posted by SamuriHL View Post
Sure, but, eventually VZW will get their claws into iPhone and muck it up with bloatware, as well. Just give them time. They're all about the greed.
I don't know. I think Apple would be willing to say goodbye to Verizon. I mean they were willing to stay with one carrier for quite a while and aren't even on all carriers yet.

And when AT&T got the iPhone originally they passed Verizon in total customers and didn't it take Verizon buying like Alltell to get the lead back?

I've just never seen Apple willingly give up total control over their products and I don't think they will in this case. And wasn't it Verizon they originally approached and Verizon said they wanted bloatware and Apple went to AT&T instead and was Verizon who agreed to the no bloatware to get the iPhone finally?
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