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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
I totally agree.

I just wish that HTC would open up their eyes and realize that battery life is WAY more important to people, than they give credit for. Their thinking of "thinner" is more important than "battery life" is so twisted. When I read an article with one of the execs talking about that, I kinda lost faith in HTC a 'bit (after all those years of my being diehard HTC).
Makes one wonder if the focus group for such decisions even exists. While I can understand the concerns of a sizable portion of the market not liking the ever-escalating L&W dimensions of most high-end phones, the "Thin is in,make the phone paper light", & sacrificing extra battery capacity to achieve it, is a misguided effort, for two reasons.
The first, obviously, is battery life. More is always better, whether imbedded or removable.
The second, (& this is more of a personal preference) is that while I appreciate the overall improvement in the SGS III vs the PHOTON, I liked the weight & feel of the PHOTON better. The SGS III w/the stock battery is just too light. Even if it didn't need an extended battery, I would have bought one anyway. The extra thickness that the MUGEN 4600 extended battery adds makes for a more solid feel & fits better in the hand than the wafer-thin stock SGS III.

Another plus w/the MUGEN 4600 :The battery cover that comes w/it has a built-in kickstand & the overall look is much nicer & more distinctive than stock.
(Obviously just one person's opinion, but, the correct one.... )
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