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Originally Posted by Tommydaniel View Post
I will gladly give you the screen because it's not pentile like the S3, but the One X has fewer problems? how so?

I think it's also well know that Samsung devices have always been better at power efficiency than HTC.

HTC has a better camera sensor, but their compression kills it.

The international One X has a worse audio codec, The EVO LTE and the S3 both use the same I'm not sure where you are getting that. I think some of these things you are pulling out were GS2 issues, and not S3...
I said that going strictly by the user support threads that I've monitored, contributed to or lurked as a mod in for both phones.

I expect more problems with a phone with higher sales, but objectively, the number and depth of issues hitting the SGS3 seem quite disproportionate.

If user feedback is to be believed.

Examples - recent update broke previously working MTP with Macs. Ongoing wifi issues.

I find too much variability in the radio reports to believe much either direction, tbh.

And while the two phones do use the same world modem build in to the S4 SoC, it's quite unlikely that they use the same radio transceiver chips, so those subsystems aren't identical.

As for the camera, please see results in the LTEvo show your pictures thread. There are a lot of stunning results there. I've compared some snaps taken at the same time, same scene of the family between mine and an SGS3, stats asides, my shots had better color and detail. We both reviewed the same test results prior to release, so that surprises me, but that's my basis for the claim.

And not everyone is sensitive to pentile, for those that are, it's a big deal. But I've seen one SGS3 in a store, five more in the wild, and they're a little blue tinted, unlike the Note. Is there a tint adjustment on the phone for that? If so, I'll withdraw that criticism.

Anyway - if it sounded like I was calling the SGS3 a dog, I apologize, I wasn't. I've recommended it to family members (ones I like, lol) because there's no perfect phone.

My point was only this - the blogosphere gets a meme and they run with it, facts ignored.

I see this sort of thing often - "My SGS3 is smooth, not laggy like Sense." And I've sometimes asked when the last time was they used Sense, and the answer is often 2 or 3 years ago.

We all want the perfect phone. It doesn't exist. I don't believe in sacred cows, so I call problems where I see them - including with my own phone, I'll gladly recite the list.

If I have a personal bias, it's that I expect something crappy on every high-end phone that is almost silly, and that often, root and good independent dev support is the answer.

I was objecting to the unfair memes in the blogosphere, nothing more.

Ok if you disagree with any of the above, I'll gladly give you the last word, but after that, I hope it's ok for us to PM on this so as not to derail the thread. I think we have a lot of LTEvo and SGS3 owners here and I don't want to dredge up old arguments over any misunderstandings. You and I have often been in agreement on this sort of thing, so I hope that proposal is fair enough.

Edit and PS - the blogosphere likes to insist that it's ok to call modems, radios. I can't stand that. Radio transceiver chips are separate, you don't put those RF components into the SoC. The busses inside the main processor are all screaming at RF frequencies, putting the whole radio solution in there would be a recipe for disaster.

When pointing this out to others, I've been told that it's either a matter of semantics or that if I was going to be specific, why didn't I include the entire radio subsystem and add in the firmware, software and antennas.

My answer - words mean things, and I'm the guy trying to help so consumers can understand. Modems are not radios, regardless of the blogosphere's opinion on that.

Another PS - had some posts comparing the transmitter power differences between the two phones. I seem to recall the SGS3 edged out one of the LTEvo radios and then being the same or a little below on the other - all in all, testing effectively the same for a user's point of view, but establishing they aren't using the same radios.

But the reception reports I've seen on both, and the differences in GPS problems I've seen on both, lead me to stand by that the SGS3 doesn't match the LTEvo on that.
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