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At first I was ecstatic that it was so easy to get rid of the annoying mssg.
I later found a bunch of apps missing. Have trying to retrieve it for the last 2 days with no luck..
Here are the things I tried:
- Cleared cache of all apps
- Reinstalled g play market app
- Unmounted and mouted back the SD card
- Disconnect and reconnect battery
- moved flies from .android folder in SD card to internal memory

Not sure what else to do... Ideas anyone??

Originally Posted by funkpod View Post
Guys, this is the first "permanent" fix that I've found.

[HOW TO] Fix the "Low on space" problem (in plain English) - xda-developers

the actual MOD the above thread is referring to was listed twice, here.

[MOD] Ext4 4 ALL! Gingerbread AOSP + GingerSense Update: 10/27 Normal dalvik fixed - xda-developers

Just follow the first link's directions.

YES, you will have to root, and it might be scary and a pain, but I read up on it for a week, really learning about it, and then I rooted. VERY SCARY, at first, but my friend helped me out. An important thing to note is that the actual process of rooting a phone contains risk, of course, but actually bricking your phone, when done right, contains very little risk. usually the risks come when you are flashing a mod that messes with your radios, etc.

the Mod above does this. your /data/data partition is usually 150mb, max. what this MOD does is move the /data/data partition into the 750mb of internal storage! so it's HUGE now. i have 171mb of available space now, and i can move more apps to sd to make even more room.

i used to just clear my facebook, google+, and dialer storage (text message) data, and my phone would be fine. however, recently, i could not get the low storage warning to go away.

i don't think that verizon is ever going to fix the problem. they have moved on to working on other newer phones. i don't think that htc will ever fix this problem, either. for the same reasons.

that is why i finally decided to root. it's NOT FOR EVERYBODY, keep in mind. for many of you, just doing a factory reset will be a better short-term solution.

but, if you are interested, check out those 2 threads that i mentioned.
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