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Originally Posted by bfksc View Post
Did you do a factory reset after installing ICS, or just update?
No. In fact that is something else I feel is odd with the Galaxy Tab.

I always checked for updates and it never found any. Then one day I installed that stupid Kies program for some reason, and it said there was an update (which I assumed was to Kies), and THAT is what updated my Tab! Even now I check for updates on the Tab and it always says there are none. Maybe that is true, but I would expect there are some updates here and there no?

I'm not wanting to do a factory reset if I can help it as it will mess up all my icons on my screens and widgets and all my data and basically be more of a PITA. Plus, I read in this thread or another one here that a guy tried it and it had no difference -- and that would really piss me off if I went through all that trouble for nothing.
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