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My current thoughts on calendars:

I've used many calendar apps for varying lengths of time, and not found a single app that does everything I want (ex-Palm user with a pretty complex set of calendars). I've done a bit of streamlining, with the result that I'm now using "just" 4 calendar-related apps:

Business Calendar: I like the Agenda view (my most-used calendar view) better than other apps, and find event entry good - simple yet detailed. I don't use Month views much anyway, but this one is about the same as most. The distinctive feature, the "week" view with sliding "week" duration, I find provides a nice day view and works well out to 3-4 days, but with my calendar and screen gets a bit cramped when looking at longer periods (so as an actual week view isn't the best for me). But overall this is my most used calendar app.

very powerful, somewhat retro to look at, the "list" view doesn't work for me (big drawback as the Agenda view is the one I use most). But it's the app if I want to set complex, irregular repeats, so worth it to me for that alone. Also if I want to set a reminder for an event that belongs to an online calendar I don't have write access to, this app does it with no fuss (Business Calendar tells me I can do it if I make a copy, most others just don't offer the option). So while for most things I prefer the look & feel of Business Calendar, I use Pimlical when I need a little more power and flexibility.

Android Pro Widgets: I'm currently using for a scrolling agenda widget (has a month view too, but they don't interest me). I've also used Pure Calendar for a long time, which has the advantage of showing tasks too but I'm finding APW cleaner and more informative for events.

Calendar Snooze: Better reminder management than most calendar apps offer, and works with any calendar app (so no need to worry about how different apps handle notifications).

I also kept Calengoo for a long time, but while I like the way you switch between views and found all of the views OK, I also found that the other apps did the things I cared most about better, and in the end I just wasn't using it. Have never quite clicked with Jorte myself, though many recommend it. And many others I've tried but have only lasted a few minutes.

I still try new calendar apps every now and then though - hoping the find a single app that will do everything. But overall this set works well enough for me: the fact that technically the widget and notifications are handled by different apps doesn't bother me in practice. If something comes out with the power of Pimlical but a proper agenda view and a more modern look and feel I guess my quest will be over, but in the meanwhile I'll still be lurking this thread
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