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Originally Posted by Rico ANDROID View Post
I think a lot of us take for granted even our everyday activity online. I havent experienced any restrictions like that youve mentioned, but, have read about some major crackdown underway here in the U.S. going into effect Nov 2012. Our cellphone and internet providers are going to restrict or block our ability to browse if we download copyrighted material after five warnings.

I can see the issue one would have if purchasing devices tweaked for services in one country and used in another country.
It comes up many times on AF. Including some rather interesting cases, Someone bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace that was intended for China Mobile. Couldn't make it work on 3 in the UK, even though it was unlocked. Because 3 in the UK only operates a 3G UMTS network, not 2G GSM. China Mobile uses it's own unique 3G wireless technology, as well as EDGE/GSM.

Myself, I've got a Lenovo phone, I find this to be more suited to China, than the UK purchased Samsung Galaxy S I had.

In China it's not clamping down on copyright infringement they're after. It's basically anything that Beijing(Communist Party of China) feels is undesirable and doesn't want The People to see, that's what gets censored here.

Originally Posted by Rico ANDROID View Post
Ive browsed Very nice to know we all are only a click away yet thousands of miles inbetween.
You probably saw the Search is there, but via in Hong Kong. HK is not subject to the same censoring and internet laws as the Mainland.

Couple of years ago, Google was almost on the edge of pulling out of the PRC completely, and closing its Beijing office.
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