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Originally Posted by MaverickJohn View Post
Can i ask... why is emulation allowed here then? That too is considered illegal as it circumvents the consoles security.
Im not a condoner of pirating so don't get me wrong but its a bit of hypocrisy to allow emulation and not pirating.
Well, some of us have been gaming for over 3 decades. I have had Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, NES, SNES, N64, PS1, PSP, PS2, PS3, XBox, XBox 360, Wii, and a ton of pc games that I bought over the years. I have probably owned between 5000 and 10000 games on those various platforms, and I still have functioning Commodore 64, SNES and PS1 and 2's with games. How do you suppose I take a cartridge or 5.25 floppy disk and get those games onto my S3 or Nex7? Do you think I should find someone online and pay for my games again? Just curious.
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