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Originally Posted by Prinny View Post
Oh, oops. I thought it was Linux, not Unix.
Sorry to say that's not right either. The notmePhone isn't based on UNIX® (that's how it's supposed to look, all caps) either. Check out Early's post.

Early did make one mistake. Mach is a microkernel, not a monolithic kernel. Microkernel architectures were all the rage in academia in the '80s and '90s, but never lived up to the promises that their developers made. By using loadable kernel modules, monolithic kernel designs accomplished many of the goals of microkernel designs without the performance penalties. The products that claim to be microkernel-based are actually hybrid designs. So in the end there's very little difference between so-called microkernel designs and modern monolithic kernel designs.

Apple's IOS and OSX are based on XNU, not Mach, BTW.
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