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Originally Posted by akaman View Post
my android tv box c03ref (8726m)

i installed last 20120826_Android_ICS-ATV-108-c03ref firmware.

(before i installed and used all of firmware in v-play download section and have no problem c03ref)

i did fabrica reset and (i shouldnt do it) and my device die screen blue and red lamp on just.


i tried with 2gb ,1 gb ,512mb sd card with sdtool and i try 2-28 4.0 firmware,4-23 4.0firmware,and the others with xp computer.and made boot sd card it did it like sdtool read page.

(also i made with winhex like v-play section create recovery sdcard.

i copy firmware files (7 files) to sd card root and (also i made "UpdateKit" directory and copy inside this files also)

then i put sd card in device push reset buton and same time i put power cable like your firmware upgrade (i did before) but not blue on red on and no screen no blink 3 times.

can you help me about it what i did wrong? or is there another way to solve this?

Hi! Did you fix your trouble?
If yes - share the experience. It may be useful for other people.

If not -before going to higher mathematics and dancing with magic witch drums - go a page or two backward, find my long post and do step by step all "checks-for -a dummy" from it. At least answer questions:
1. What output to your TV are you using while upgrading - AV, or HDMI?
2. Did you try to insert both SD card and USB drive simultaneously with the same upgrade set of files?
3. After/if you tried to push in both SD and USB - did you see any folders after restarting and waiting for 15-20 minutes on any of them that have not been there before - for example, .LOST DIR?

I strongly advise you to do it before you managed to kill your loader.
If you even have your original firmware - it is impossible that your devise is killed.
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