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Originally Posted by armyguydan View Post
Through the link at the top of the posts Verizon said the ota update started on the 18th. Dont know what more we need to confirm that the update some are getting is the ics update and not the soak test.
What link? I have read through the entire thread and not seen one link to any official Verizon site saying that the OTA would start on the 18th.

As a matter of fact, on this page,DROID Smartphones - Android Ice Cream Sandwich
an official Verizon page, it says...

Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, operating system will begin being pushed to customers in phases starting Oct. 19 for DROID BIONIC by Motorola devices.

Says nothing about the 18th whatsoever. It also doesn't make clear if the ones to get it are soakers are if some who didn't sign up for the soak test did get it.

So you can be confused, but the facts are people did say they got emails about soak test beginning on the 19th, Verizon says it would begin in PHASES on the 19th and I am curious if this 246 is like the 905 soak test where people who didn't sign up for the soak are getting the update. I am not asking anyone to break any NDA because if they didn't sign up for a soak test or agree to an NDA, they can't be held to it.
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