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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
Wait, where's Microsoft in all of this? it was not long ago that people favored Apple (or Linux, despite how less-user-friendly it was in the early 1990s) because Microsoft hated any competition. their mantra was 'sue sue sue!'. their software closed up tight as a drum. now Apple's getting the flames, and it's always Apple Vs. Android, but NEVER does Windows Phone ever enter the debate, much less RIM/BlackBerry. what gives?
If M$ ever irons out the impending Win8 fiasco they may be a major player in the Mobile wars, peeps love a common interface. M$ phones are quite different from Apple, but I also read more than once that both M$ and Apple want to kill Android/Google more than each other.

RiM is an interesting case in that they are the SationWagon of the Mobile world. At one time they 'owned' the smart phone market but didn't really give the customer he wanted. Enter Android/Apple and we became the MiniVans of mobile, exactly what the public wanted.
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