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Originally Posted by D_Touch View Post
I didn't have issues with the charger, was always able to get the charge symbol to show up on the tablet. It would never auto boot after sitting for a minute like it usually did.

What I did was let the tablet sit for 5+ minutes with the charging symbol showing.

Then... long press the power button only on top until it shows the boot loader. This worked for me. Now I'm in CM9 and it's up to 3% within a few minutes and doing fine.

HTH someone...

You got lucky this time. If you continue to let your battery drain to zero like this you are not only damaging the battery, but one day your TP will refuse to charge up at all. Best practice, never let the battery drain below 20%. At the end of the day regardless of how much the battery is down, recharge it.. At night, or when not using it for as extended period of time, charge it up and then turn it off. That way, you don't accidentally forget about it and find it days later drained and refusing to charge up.
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