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Angry DEVASTATED: Need help with my Galaxy SII

Hey guys, this is my first post and I just signed up today to see if I could get any answers or tips as I'm devastated and tired of my phone acting up.

I have Sprint, White Galaxy SII
My original one that I purchased in January worked fine for about 5-6 months then I noticed my phone would constantly restart (powercycle)? every 30-45 seconds to the point WHERE I COULD NOT USE MY PHONE. IT WOULD NOT STOP.I would be texting, calling, on Facebook, using GPS and then out of no where it restarts.. I took it to the store and they did a hard reset.
I did this damn process THREE TIMES because after the hard reset the damn issue would come back about 2-3 months.. where my phone would restart over and over without my control.
Finally after complaining how this wasn't resolving my issue, I was given a another phone via Sprint, I'm guessing it was refurbished of course.
Phone worked fine for 4 months and I'm in the same situation again..
One of the tech workers said it could be the apps I have installed?
But then again I have nothing crazy, just simple stuff like: FB, Instagram, Yahoo, Yelp, Wellsfargo, etc. Nothing outside from the Google Market.

The symptoms are this:
The power button doesn't work really.
When I press it, it doesn't look/unlock the screen most of the time, but it does turn on the phone..
While playing around on the phone the "Silent Mode, Airplane Mode, Restart, Turn-Off" screen constantly appears and to get to this "screen" you have to hold the power button which I'm not..
Could it be my power button?
Or is this a software issue?
It's just coincidence that this is the SAME EXACT ISSUE WITH BOTH Galaxys SII

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks guys
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