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Originally Posted by Nelviticus View Post
My Prime has been very sluggish since updating it to Jellybean so I want to do a factory reset, but I have absolutely bucketloads of stuff on it, including hundreds of MB of 'extra' files for apps like Mass Effect Infiltrator, Bard's Tale and so on. According to the settings I have over 20GB of content in Internal Storage.

If I reset I'll have to re-download all this, plus I'll probably lose progress/saves in some apps as that's not always backed up.

Is there a good way that I can back this stuff up so I don't have to re-download/lose it when I do a reset? My device is not rooted.

I'm having the same problem with my Prime being sluggish and laggy since upgrading to JB. I am probably going to have to root it to save my app data - I've done loads of research in the last few days, and everything I read says that accessing the app data files requires root, so if you're not rooted, it is impossible to back up your games, etc.

I'm a bit scared to root, to be honest. I've never rooted, but the tablet is driving me nuts right now. I don't want to lose all of my game progress (okay, I don't care, but my kids will, and I don't want to deal with the meltdowns and whining), but doing a cold boot did not solve the problem, and a factory reset is the next step.
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