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Default Freezing, phantom reboots, and battery app weirdness.

I'm having a freeze problem. It's not terribly discriminate about what's happening when it freezes, so I don't think it's a specific app. Sometimes it even freezes on the lock screen.

I sort of suspect it may be partially due to memory/ram issues - I have every app that is possible to moved to SD, but of course, the bloatware won't allow it, and widgets won't work on SD.

The problem I refer to as phantom reboots is kind of weird. I'll have the phone sitting somewhere, not doing anything with it, and suddenly, I'll hear the little twinkly noises that say that the phone is booting up - when it's already turned on, I wasn't touching it, and it's fully charged, or is plugged into the charger, so it couldn't possibly be a low battery shutdown.

All the same, when I check, it has definitely rebooted, and is going through the process of reading the SD card and such, and any apps I had passively running in the background (usually my IM app,) are turned off.

The battery issue is semi-related, since it actively does cause freezing at times. It will often read as if the battery is dying, when in fact it still has at least a half charge or more. Then it will either freeze the phone, or shut it down.

The worst is when I'm actually on a call. If I don't have it plugged into the charger, somewhere between 5 and 20 minutes into a call, no matter how full a charge I had to begin with, it will decide that the battery is empty, and give me the alert, and then promptly hang up the call and freeze up, forcing me to pull the battery to get it going again.

This is most alarming, as it means that if I'm out somewhere away from a charger, and there's an emergency, I will likely have trouble when trying to call 911.

Oh, and I'm also having some trouble with texts not arriving as they should, which may be a software/app issue rather than a service issue, since there's also some weird timestamp stuff going on with the texting app, like the stamp saying texts are about two or more hours ahead of the time I actually received them.

My husband has a G2 Epic touch on the same family account and service area, and his texts are received just fine by everyone. But annoying as that is, it's not as imperative a problem as the first three, since for the most part, it's not something that will adversely affect me if there is an emergency.

I'm seriously considering rooting, because I suspect at least some of the issues are related to one or more of the OTA updates from Sprint, but I'm the type that needs babysitting for tech stuff, and I don't know anyone who can tell me how to root an Epic 4G, let alone someone who would be willing to babysit me while I did it.

I'm on Gingerbread.FC09, the ICS update never got to me, so I know it's not that.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
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