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Originally Posted by appsmgr View Post
not me. I wouldn't a problem buying online at all. I can see why many folks would, but I spend A LOT of time looking at specs, features, measurements, etc, that I would be comfortable doing it. Now, if you didn't have at least a 14-day return (no costs!) policy, I would not be one of the firsts. I would wait to read other's reviews and comments.

I buy so much stuff online these days, it's just no big deal for me.
I do buy quite a bit sight unseen online and I do look a lot at specs, features etc. However, I was ready to buy the Droid as soon as it came out but when I saw it in store I did not want it although all the specs etc. were what I was looking for. I did not find this forum until Feb so I was holding out for something else without knowing about the Incredible rumors. Therefore, I would not purchase an N1 sight unseen. Just my perspective.
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