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Originally Posted by Kiddp View Post
Store employees know nothing. I doubt an entire country of minimum wage employees are keeping this thing under wraps for fear of losing such a well paying At a MINIMUM, they would be telling thier family and friends. There are no more secrets in the age of the internet. Ask Tiger Woods.
Actually Verizon pays EXTREMELY well, has one of the best benefits package of any company, and is consistently ranked in the top 5 as far as training and being one of the best companies to work for. So do your research. They are also VERY serious about product info/leaks, etc. Employees were fired and the Secret Service was involved in several instances where employees merely searched the system to see if Barack has an account with Verizon. No one wants to risk something like that just for breaking the rules, and it is absolutely true that retail store employees know NOTHING about new equipment until the trainings come out, unless they've heard rumors, or follow the forums online- so when they say they know nothing, unless you can tell from their body language that they are completely BSing you, its true. And if they did know something, chances are, its coming soon because they would have already seen the training for it, unless they were getting their info from the rumor mill or the internet..
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