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Originally Posted by NoNoName View Post
There's nothing similar to the Legend of Zelda games, trust me, otherwise I'd be playing it. If you really want to play those, you can get the SNES or GBA emulators and play Link to the Past or Minish Cap on your phone. There are a lot of action RPGs that have similar elements, like Zenonia or Inotia, but not the "search a dungeon, kill monsters, solve puzzles, find a cool useful item needed to progress" formula that Zelda is known for. Then again.... a lot of games are like that. Metroid, Castlevania, etc. But so far I've only seen one Castlevania clone and it... kinda sucks. Megatroid is a Metroid ripoff, but I haven't played that yet. Anyway, back to topic.

I've been through Zenonia and Inotia... so I might just stick with the FF or Chrono Trigger type rpg games. The sad part is that I'm a big guy on free =P
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