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Since I have been having abysmal I started looking around to see if I could find when they might start refarming spectrum. Well I found this & I'm lazy so I'll just quote myself

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We all now spectrum=bandwidth and bandwidth=speed so just wait until later this year for the speeds to go up, right now for most areas metro uses 3x3mhz channels of spectrum for 4G later they will start using 10x10mhz (proof- MetroPCS 2012 Q2 sees profits skyrocket to $149 million despite losing nearly 200,000 subscribers - Engadget ) which is what Verizon and AT&T use right now & they get 10-45mbps with just 10mhz, then with the metropcs & tmobile merger they will start using 20x20mhz so just imagine the speeds you will start getting.

EDIT: 20x20 will be the minimum. Proof- last paragraph It’s quickly official: T-Mobile and MetroPCS agree to merge — Mobile Technology News
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