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Originally Posted by lunatic59 View Post
I see two options. One is to return the phone for a replacement, or try to flash it yourself, either back to stock or to a different rom.
Thank you! That is what AT&T said I need to do so they set me up to take my phone in tomorrow to one of their stores and they are going to flash it for me. The tech I spoke to was from the warranty department and the reason why I was transferred to him is because the first AT&T rep I talked to told me my phone was still under warranty, that it expired March 17,2013 which makes since because I bought the phone in March of this year but the warranty department said my phone was NOT under warranty, that it only had a 90 day warranty on it and that I would be charged an out of warranty fee. I told him the rep that transferred me to him said my warranty was in effect until March 17, 2013 and where did she get that date from? I'm sure she just didn't pull it out of a hat, but nevertheless, it shouldn't matter if the phone is out of warranty, whether it's out of warranty or not, the manufacturer, which is Samsung already told me this was something that occurred on AT&T's side, because that path is AT&T's server, and the "csc" is an update called multi-csc and ATT installs updates automatically as long as there's a data connection or wifi connection. I told the warranty guy that that's like me taking my perfectly functioning phone into an AT&T store and the AT&T rep taking a hammer and smashing it... AT&T would be obligated to repair or replace it because that was damage caused by THEM not me or the phone itself. Since Samsung verified the root of the problem and placed the blame on AT&T, I think AT&T should repair or replace it whether it's under warranty or not, but the warranty dept said they will try to flash it back to the old filmware and basically undo the update that they installed automatically to put the phone back to how it was before the update but if that doesn't work i guess i'm SOL.

When they flash the phone will all my data, text messages, videos, pics and everything on it be wiped out? or is it kinda like a system restore where they can roll it back to the way it was before without affecting my data or media?
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