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- I don't recommend setting on anything man-machine interface: Input devices and monitors are something you deal with every use of the machine for years to come

- I swear by Logitech. Their quality has always been bar-none since the early '90's and their support is outstanding (I asked if I could buy a new G9x cord because my cat chewed through it and though I could solder it, I prefer to replace it; they sent me an entire brand new, unopened replacement mouse!)

- My experience with Razer is that they are junk. If your stuff doesn't completely plotz, it just feels cheap and wears poorly and never works properly. They are rife with poor design decisions as well. Of 11 Razer pieces, two went into the trash, seven were sold at a loss, two are pretty worn in a basement box for legacy systems which, for anal-retentive reasons, I haven't just thrown or given away (hey, I finally threw away my Atari 2600 out just last year, so I'm making progress here!)

- If you game, I don't recommend wireless (latency and reliability plus more likely to chew through a charge too quickly)

- The G400 is only 3600dpi; I prefer lowering speed and increasing resolution (newer models are 5700dpi)

- The M500 doesn't have Darkfield (can use it on any surface) and I don't know if you can program its buttons. It also doesn't have the--I don't know what they're called but the pads the mouse glides on on the G-series mice are like Hotblack Desiato's spaceship: frictionless! Serously, I think they're Teflon and they don't wear out)

- The G500 or the G9x would be my suggestion; you can program the buttons and the weights really do make a huge difference, especially if you game

- If you game, you need a gaming keyboard. The X4 looks solid and doesn't have the ghosting issues the X6 has. Personally, however, it looks ugly, uncomfortable, and I don't see a volume knob--but that's all personal taste.

- I would still recommend the G110 (G19 sans display but has USB audio...spiffy) over the X4 for all of its keys are full-size, uniform, has the volume knob w/other media controls. Additionally, if you ever get a G13, it uses the same software

- Wife and I each have Logitech G19, G13, G9x, F710, Anywhere MX and love them

Again, this is your interface to your PC and I wouldn't recommend settling; I can't see regretting spending a little more but I can see regretting not getting the components you are completely happy with.
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