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Originally Posted by tekt View Post
ICS is awesome compared to GB. One HUGE thing to me that's no longer an option is having the ringer volume control the notification volume also. The check box to combine the two is gone If I am missing something, someone please let me know otherwise VZW and Moto, PLEASE put it back in a maintenance release.

The other thing that appears to be missing is the option to only charge your phone when its plugged into a USB port on your computer. I had it plugged in to my laptop this morning and when I opened Spotify, nothing came up but a blank screen. I figured the ICS update screwed something up so I uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing. After I started looking at everything, the SD card mounts on the computer every time you plug it in and then Spotify won't work. Again, I hope I'm missing something here but if not VZW and Moto, PLEASE put a charge only option back in the USB settings.

One more thing, there's no long an option to switch to 3G only. Around Raleigh, there's a few heavily populated areas where my 4G always goes out. (North Hills Mall) I could put GB in 3G only and I would have data again. Anybody have a back door into that?
#1. I use Volume Control + Pro and it changes them together under ICS.
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