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Originally Posted by cfinn1 View Post
I agree with you. On my Samsung Vibrant I was able to drag the exposure/focus box to different points on the screen and it would adjust the exposure. I'm very disappointed that I cant do that on by S3. As you drag the box around the focus definitely changes but not the exposure.
The Samsung Vibrant might have had a spot meter that allowed you to change the metering point, but that is down to the way the spot-meter has been implemented. If people grumble that they can't shift the spot-metering point by touching the screen, then that is fair enough. What is inaccurate is to assert that, because this feature is lacking, the S3's camera doesn't have a spot-meter.

It's exactly like saying that, because in your last car you changed gear manually, your new fully automatic car can't, and doesn't, have a gearbox because you can no longer select which gear you want. Sort of understandable, but completely wrong.
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