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Originally Posted by Amoron View Post
One tip: build a hot dog house as soon as possible. It will get you 3140 gold per 55 goods (=550 seconds). Toss some decor around it (I opted for the Joy hieroglyph) and you get to collect 10k+ every 10 minutes. Doing that, building is never a problem, and you are only held back by energy limits and those bloody leaves and screws that are required to charge collections.

At the early levels, for houses, the enchanted cottage provides the best gold per minute (20 gold/5 minutes) and adds 110 population on a 3x3 area for your population-growth missions. Crop-wise, wheat provides the most goods per 5 minutes (15), but with energy at a premium, you could opt for grapes (30 goods/harvest = 2.5 per 5 minutes) or strawberries (52/harvest = 1.44/5 minutes). Sowing melons overnight is also a good way to maximize yield. If you have the land (and building hot dog houses will give you enough cash to quickly buy all the land), you could set up a routine sowing cotton every hour or so, and after a day you get a continuous cycle going that will give you enough goods to keep all craft buildings running.
I dont understand why you would think that the hot dog house would be so profitable. I ran some numbers and comparing good to profit alone it yields 4.2 gold per good invested. Now taking time into consideration; it yields 25.19 gold per minute.
Check out the alchemist's lab or the pyramid. They both yield the highest gold, but of course the best producer is the Eiffel Tower, which is only available through crystals.
I am going to try and post a spreadsheet of what I have found from the game so far.
Good luck to all.
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