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Originally Posted by ScandaLeX View Post
Getting used to the power button being moved down is also going to take getting adjusted too. My finger automatically reaches above the button--like I expect it to be higher up.

Oh and anyone who has Samsung's flip cover....the screen is NOT going to turn off when you close the flap. You MUST do that yourself. A few times now I've just flipped it close then realizing after the fact I didn't turn the screen off.

I didn't expect it too turn off the screen for anyone that ask. Just pointing out its real easy to close and forget.
When I played with the display model last night at Sprint I decided, that since the power button was moved and in a strange place, I'd never get used to it being over there. If I was to get this phone that I would just use the 'Home' button on the front to turn it on and use an application to turn off the display using an area on touch screen, long press of a button, or something else.

Its too bad it doesn't turn off with the flip. I won't use a flip (I'm part of the 'ditch the flip' campaign), but it is a nice feature to have. All it takes is a magnetic sensor, the Nexus 7 has a hidden one.
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