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Originally Posted by Spacecasespiff View Post
If ROMs are so important to you just get the nexus 4. I think this phone will be just fine if it keeps there locked bootloader. Its not all about ROMs. I've rooted and ran ROMs but I always come back to stock. I just like things to work. But everyone is different. I just think some people are going miss out on a great phone because they can't see past the whole messing with your phone thing. I understand it but I also don't. Even if the developers don't support it the phone will still be a good phone. But I do hope that you find a phone that meets your needs. In the mean time I will enjoy my stock optimus g.
First: Nexus devices aren't a feasible option. I'm on an At&t family plan, and I'm going to pay the same rate whether or not I use my upgrade. This isn't even taking into account the limited space of Nexus phones. 16 gigs with no expandable storage is not practical. Especially on a phone that could be 500$ this isn't even taking into account the lack of LTE support. I don't view LTE as a "need" but, I don't want to pay more money and get less hardware.

Second: If you are happy with stock all the more power to you. I however, am sitting on a captivate right now. If I didn't root/ROM I would be stuck back on Gingerbread. Believe it or not, Jellybean actually runs better for me than Gingerbread runs for my brother. Or at least they run about the same while I get more features/options.

Without my Rom, I wouldn't have Nova Launcher Prime, Chrome, Google Now, The Massively improved task manager.

In the event there is another major upgrades like ICS and JB I prefer to not be left out just because my manufacturer and carrier are indifferent. ICS brought major UI changes AND it allows for more options for developers.

The irony to all of this is there is a simple solution where everyone wins. All it requires is an unlocked bootloader.

If they unlock the bootloader, I get Nexus hardware and ROMs can easily be modified to work on the Optimus G. In addition to that, I get an SD card + LTE which the nexus probably won't have. I get at minimum 2 solid years of dev support.

I am *HAPPY* with LG and At&t so I have even more incentive to return to them for my business. They get their money, I get my phone, my roms, and it's a win-win situation all around.

Let's just say that Android 4.2 comes out and only brings some security updates. Ok, cool I miss it but, whatever.

Well if Android 4.3 is another major and allows development of newer and more interesting apps and LG is more concerned with selling "Optimus Newer" Guess what we don't get with our Optimus G. It puts us in a really nasty position if we don't have that ROM option. They don't want to upgrade the G because it will take away sells from the newer device but, we are stuck unable to get new apps and we still have a year left on our contract. We are out in the cold until our next upgrade. We either have to pay full retail price for a new phone, or stick to a version of android that doesn't do what we want.
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