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Originally Posted by Spacecasespiff View Post
See this is where Google needs to grow a pair and set guide lines on all of these phones. They need to tell them toupdate these newer phones or at least tell them to come out with the newest firmware on there phones. Theres no reason to have a phone that comes out now with a slightly outdated firmware.
There is actually a pretty great reason TBH.

You have to understand that this phone started development probably at least 6 months ago if not more. At the time they had a stable ICS source code to use and they decided to use it. Jellybean came out shortly after but, development was already in progress. Rather than delay launch, they choose to release with ICS and update after.

I know I'm in the minority here but, I'm personally indifferent to carriers/manufacturers and what they do. We are reaching a point where ROM developers can actually push OTA updates for their ROMs here.

If android had some sort of "universal code" that allowed unlocking of the bootloaders regardless of device virtually any device could receive nexus like support.

Despite what manufacturers and carriers would have you believe, the act of flashing a custom ROM on your phone probably carriers about as much risk of bricking the device as official updates in many cases.

I know I'm a bit insensitive to say this.. but, if Google were to push this kind of move and get it past carriers as long as devices had proper source documentation, I'd be indifferent if any device I purchased ever got an official update again. The process of flashing and ROMing could become widespread with little fear of repercussions.

We are talking about putting the update system on serious steroids and actually creating a dynamic ecosystem for android.
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