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Originally Posted by ryancmatchett View Post
Is there an actual and practical reason for this? Or is it just habit in this tech-age? We were just talking about this the other day. One comment from an avid i-device user was that the i-devices and apps will always sell... But that if the devs don't keep up their app falls to meaninglessness, AND then they can lose their apple dev status.... Whereas with Android, the devs can put out more options, less updates, less work overall and still stay important? Maybe Stigy can comment too? As an avid android and Win user, this is sometimes pretty frustrating!
It absolutely baffles me Ryan. To publish an app in the Play Store, you pay a one time fee of $25. To publish in Apple, you have to pay a yearly $99!!! That makes it very difficult to justify writing for iOS for me. I would love to put my app out there for iOS but it just isn't cost effective. I don't really remember, but I'm not even sure you can get the dev kit from Apple without paying the registration. I may be wrong on that though.

And BB, while that is true for the older Android devices, it really is starting to go away as more devices are migrating towards 4.0 and up. Once all of the pre-4.0 devices are gone, fragmentation will be no more of a discussion with Android than it is currently with Apple having the iPhone 3.5", iPhone 4", iPad mini, iPad, and iPad retina display.
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