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I would like to thank stane1983 for his efforts
I bought this one :
Google Android 4.0 Amlogic Cortex A9 WiFi HD 1080P HDMI Internet TV Box 4GB

from :

Buy Google Android 4.0 Amlogic Cortex A9 WiFi HD 1080P HDMI Internet TV Box 4GB for Wholesale - Free Shipping

It is V2 (f16ref)

I tried to upgrade it and I have a lot of different problems with each different firmware :
every thing is OK but there is 3 problems :

  • If the WiFi signal is less than 100% the wireless keyboard and mouse stop working and cannot us WiFi ( I tried this in a room with 100% WiFi signal (router in it) and it is working very good, but in another room WiFi signal is less the problem started )
  • If you get the device in standby mode it will not work again unless you get out the power cord and put it again, and there is no way to shutdown the device.
  • The Ethernet not working at all :
  • The WiFi is working great, but the external HDD stop working after a few minutes of NOT using.
  • One of he lights is continue blinking.
  • There is no way to shutdown or standby the device, just pull the power cable.
  • There is no youtube.
  • After stop using the device for long time (hours) it stop working by itself
so I use the new one because of HDD problem and I hope you can help me
If you can put the old drivers of WiFi in the new firmware, may be this solve the problem

or I will be in need to buy a new WiFi rang extender in the same room with the device, and this is expansive solution.

Sorry for my weak English

Thank YOU again
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