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Originally Posted by oopsibrokeit View Post
Ahhh smell the capitalism, if you're not happy with the status quo then re-elect nobody, stop creating career politicans, drop the income tax and implement a federal sales tax, no loop holes, if you buy things you pay taxes reguardless of your status in life or where your money came from.
You can't just completely rely on sales tax (or VAT as we call it). The highest rate in Europe is 27% (minimum allowed is 15%), and I don't think it should be higher than that, as you then have to provide more transfers to the working and lower middle classes. Perhaps if the federal government was to set minimum income tax rates for states and obliged them to provide services (healthcare, third level education etc), the federal government could largely reduce income taxation, if they also brought in a 20-30% sales tax and removed the right for states and local government to levy such taxes.
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